sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2007

U.S. Christmas - Salt The Wound

Though often counted among the bands associated with the so-called underground stoner rock scene, the U.S. CHRISTMAS influences span much further than that that scene’s foundations in 70’s hard rock or 80’s heavy metal, delving into psychedelia, space rock, experimental and beyond. Fusing their influences, USC developed a sludgy, feedback loud and heavy rock sound that helped them take up a very specific place among so-called modern avant-underground movement.Salt The Wound is the third album in the band’s discography and the first officially pressed release. It is comprised of some of the selected, rerecorded, and rearranged songs from their first two albums, Prayer Meeting and Bad Heart Bull, plus three live tracks of which two songs do not have studio-version analogues yet. Seven studio tracks for many remain the high point of USC as extreme downer acid-psych-space rock. Finding a perfectly steady balance of trapping crunchy rhythms, strung-out guitar riffage at the core of molten swirling and bubbling synthesizer lava, and echo-drenched vocalization obscurity, they managed to create a uniquely defining work. It’s a great introduction to the band for those brave enough to withstand the assault!

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