quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008

U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs (2008)

From Crucial Blast Records - The first "real" CD release from this North Carolina band comes to us circuitousy from the generally-baffling Russian label R.A.I.G., whose previous releases from artists like Womba, Mux, and Won James Won have been mappings of strange electronica/noise/spazz-rock terrain, all of which I have grooved on mightily over the past year, but it is a little odd to get introduced to an American psych-metal band through 'em. On the other hand, U.S. Christmas' Salt the Wound does fit in nicely next to those two Seven That Spells albums that R.A.I.G. issued, which makes a statement about the imprint's excellent taste in cosmic rock heaviness. Taking their name from an obscure Sam Peckinpah film reference, this quintet hails from Marion, a small town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina, where they have concocted a ragged, burly brand of modern psychedelia over the course of two self-released CD-Rs; for their first "real" album, the band has taken material from their previous discs and reworked/rearranged/re-recorded them into Salt The Wound, with a sound that combines classic 70's psych rock, Caustic Resin, Neurosis like dirge, gooey sludge metal, blues and early country music, Hawkwind style spacerock explorations, and the expansive fire rock of late 70's Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Quite a heady mix, but Salt The Wound ties these influences and stylings together with a righteously loose energy as the band works out extended riff feasts littered with spacey theremin strains and some of the coolest molten synthesizer woosh this side of Comets On Fire, resulting in 10 jams of awesome life affirming heaviness. At just over an hour long, the band keeps it dynamic and ever changing as they move from the moving, distortion-caked country/space rock sludge of 'Lazarus' to 'Death By Horses' awesome motorik rush, the doomed cosmic boogie of 'Devil's Flower' and 'Thin The Herd''s instrumental Southern rock. Trippy, rocking, crushing, this is a stellar first album from U.S. Christmas, presented in a gatefold sleeve with great artwork by Victor Pushkin. HIGHLY

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