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Donita Sparks & The Stellar Moments - Transmiticate

Nasty (in a good way) girl Donita Sparks is back with an all new release Transmiticate. The bad girl of the '90s has not thrown in the towel just quite yet. Although the years may have gone by Donita Sparks & The Stellar Moments sound like nothing has changed at all. This time around Donita Sparks focuses more on the vocal aspects of the band and not so much the guitar playing.
For those of you who have no idea who Donita Sparks is, you may remember a certain all female band called L7 that rocked out in the '90s. They had a musical style between punk and alternative rock connected with an attitude that may have been frightening but in fact was intelligent.
Donita Sparks was one of the tough front women for the pro-choice band. She shared vocals as well as played guitar. She was a little more outspoken at times and her actions on and off stage put her in the spotlight of the media at times most notably the Reading Festival in 1991. Donita Sparks along with the rest of L7 had a successful career with a couple of their albums going major attention and even having one of their songs on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack.
After the years went by L7 released six studio releases. By 2000 the record sales were not shaping up to what they used to be and L7 went on hiatus with no immediate plans of regrouping. Donita Sparks and L7 dummer Dee Plakas continues however and formed Donita Sparks & The Stellar Movements.
Starting off the 11 track CD is “Fly Feather Fly/” This song reminds me of the Breeders for some reason. It just had a grundgy raspy feel to it thanks to Donita Sparks’ voice. After hearing this song I really was curious to hear the rest of the CD. This was a good song to start with.
The first single off the CD Infancy Of A Disaster seems a little L7 at times but minus the attitude. The song is rather hypnotic at times and seems pop rock with edge reminding me again of the '90s music I used to rock out to as a kid. I have a feeling “Dare Dare” may be getting played at some dance clubs as it rocks out and has a move-your-body heatedly on the dance floor. This song unquestionably can kick some ass compared to some of that garbage people dance to. “He’s Got The Honey” is another track on the CD that makes you want to boogie.


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